Our purpose & mission in life is to awaken the world & to create world peace through The Path of Dhamma™, Holistic Health Awakened Healing Centres, Transformative Retreats, Utopian Communities & The World Peace Charity to solve all the world’s problems!

Here at Holistic Health Awakened Healing Centre we believe in treating you holistically in all areas of life from meditation, energy, sleep, nutrition, movement, nature, play & purpose.

This is why I have created The Path of Dhamma™ which is your path to finding your happiness, health, soulmate, friends, family, business, finances & freedom lifestyle.

G’day legends, my name is Sam The Happiness Man, and I am running my first ever marathon & ultra marathon 50km up the tallest peak in Australia Kosciuszko Mountain this year to raise awareness & investments for The World Peace Charity!
The World Peace Charity’s intention is to solve all the world’s problems in life so that everyone can have access to clean drinking water, healthy food, shelter, health care, education, a base salary & mentoring so that everyone in the world can find their inner peace, happiness, dream life & to create World Peace 🥰
With our first goal to help the children of the world to have the tools & techniques to deal with bullying, stress, anxiety & depression. We will do this by creating free workshops, communities, grants & scholarships across Australia & the rest of the world. So that children & their families can learn how to heal themselves to heal the world!
As I believe our Children are the future & this is the quickest way to bring love to this world ❤️
Know that I give you my word that every dollar & my own free time will go towards helping the children!
And 10% off all investments into Sam The Happiness Man & The Holistic Health Awakened Healing Centre will go towards The World Peace Charity!
If you have any ideas how we can help the children of the world or you would like to help out then please email me at
Thank you so much for your donation from the bottom of my heart 🙂
Much love,
Sam The Happiness Man