Welcome to Holistic Health Awakened.

I’m Sam,

your go-to expert for holistic happiness & well-being. I graduated from the University of Sydney with a Physiotherapy degree. I’m a trained Life Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Divine Channeler, Samvahan Energy Healer, Crystal Light Bed Therapist, Breath Work Facilitator, Soulmate Guide, ConnectTherapy™ Physiotherapist, Dry Needler (Western Acupuncture), Energy Massager, Tai Chi Guide, Yoga Instructor, Pilates & Strength Trainer

My mission is to guide you to your happiness, inner peace, dream life & true divine self.

I used to suffer from severe anxiety, depression, adrenal fatigue & being in a constant sympathetic state, which felt horrible, like I was on 10 cups of coffee a day, blood pressure through the roof & breaking out into whole body sweats for no reason at all.

Every day felt like torture but I put on a smile & pretended that everything was okay.

I used to suffer from going to doctor to doctor & not being able to find a cure to what I was enduring apart from medication that made me worse.

But it eventually got to the point where enough was enough.

So I quit my job.

And went on a world travel trip to escape the rat race, find myself, to discover the secret to true happiness, inner peace & how I could create the life of my wildest dreams.

Where during a 10 day meditation camp in Nepal… I had a glimpse of enlightenment. Having a self dimethyltryptamine (DMT) experience through meditation.

WHERE SUDDENLY the craziest moment of my life happened where I felt this crawling energy like a 10,000 ants move up from my feet to the top of my head.

Then… BOOM instantaneously the most amazing feeling of my life hit me like a ton of bricks, which I could only describe as infinite love, happiness, euphoria & ecstasy.

The most wonderful feeling you have in your body when you truly fall in love with someone for the first time, but times that by infinite, & really let that sink in, infinite love, to put what I was feeling into perspective, it was so intense that I was trembling & shaking with pure bliss.

Then my mind became like a high definition TV & then… BANG… just as if I was there in real life, I was in the presence of these huge wild grey elephants walking in a dark green jungle, then what only I could describe as a psychedelic kaleidoscope of different multicolours of perfect ever changing geometry & vastly complicated patterns hit me.

With the psychedelic visions changing from each body part I scanned with my awareness, the elephants soon turned into an extraordinary psychedelic version of Ganesh.

Then I saw Buddha’s face as big as you could imagine, which turned into a majestic eagle & then into wild Siberian tigers.

Followed by flabbergasting scenes of nature & animals with ever changing indescribable colours & shapes, before I knew it several hours had passed & the meditation was over.

At the end I had a vision from the universe that led me to my life’s purpose in life to awaken the world & to create world peace through The Path of Dhamma™, Holistic Health Awakened Healing Centres, Transformative Retreats, Utopian Communities & The World Peace Charity to solve all the world’s problems!

Leading me to create The Path of Dhamma™ which is your path to finding your happiness, health, soulmate, friends, family, business, finances & freedom lifestyle.

Invest in your happiness & well-being today with our proven, life-changing program.