Energy Massage

Located in Leichhardt, NSW, just a stone’s throw from the heart of Sydney, our Energy  Massage Sessions are your sanctuary for relaxation & holistic healing.

Why Choose Our Massage in Sydney?

Holistic Healing
Beyond mere relaxation, our massages, tailored for Sydney’s bustling lifestyle, offer stress relief, pain alleviation, reduced muscle tension, enhanced circulation, & more.
Expert Therapists
Our seasoned therapists, renowned in Sydney, blend traditional massage techniques with modern therapies, ensuring a tailored experience that promotes healing & balance.
Serene Environment
Nestled in Leichhardt, our Healing Centre offers a tranquil escape from Sydney’s hustle, allowing you to disconnect & immerse in relaxation.

Pricing & Packages

  • Special Offer: 1-1 60 Minute Session for $111
  • Availability: Please email if you can’t find a time that suits you
  • 3-Month “Accelerate Your Life” Package: Only $2,222 (Save $1,171)
    • X 12 Weekly 1-1 60 Minute Path of Dhamma™ Divine Channeling, Life Coaching & Energy Healing Sessions, Holistic Physiotherapy Sessions or Therapeutic Massage Sessions (Worth $1,332)
    • X 3 Month Access To Sam The Happiness Man for 24/7 Online Coaching & Support (Worth $1,332)
    • X 12 Weekly Group Classes of Your Choice From Meditation, Breathwork & Quantum Healing Classes, Yoga & Mobility Classes, or Pilates & Strength Classes (Worth $396)
    • X 3 Month Access to The Path of Dhamma™ Life Mastery™ & Meditation Mastery™ Courses (Worth $333)
    • The Path of Dhamma™ Manifesto Covering All 16 Pillars of Enlightenment & Manifestation: Meditation, Energy, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Nature, Play, Purpose, Happiness, Health, Soulmate, Friends, Family, Business, Finances & Freedom Lifestyle (Priceless)
  • ⁠World Peace Charity: 10% of all investments will go to our World Peace Charity to solve all the worlds problems.

pricing and availability

Book today and experience the best massage therapy Sydney has to offer at Holistic Health Awakened in Leichhardt.