How ConnectTherapy™ Physiotherapy Changed My Life

That not only looks at your pain but more importantly gets to the root cause of all your problems in life. Treating your mind, body, sleep, nutrition, movement & so much more. Which I have found to get absolutely amazing long term results with clients & as an added bonus it healed my chronic upper back pain that no one else could fix.

That our stress from work can effect our physical body. That our old injuries that we never properly fixed before are causing imbalances and pain elsewhere in the body. That our poor sleep can cause extra tension in the body. That our nutrition can effect healing times of tendons and muscles in the body. That our beliefs shape our reality.

How everything is connected. How all body systems from your bones, to your ligaments, to your muscles, to your fascia, to your organs, to your digestive system, to your lymphatic system, & to your nervous system are all connected.

And when you find the root cause of the problem rather then just treating the symptoms eg pain, then every problem within your body corrects & you will even find that this will help you with all your external problems in life as well.

For example one client would come in talking really fast and in an agitated stressed state but when we would correct her driver which was her rib cage then she would instantly be in a parasympathetic state with a big smile on her face talking normally again.

Another example is a client who used to get kidney pain when she drank alcohol we corrected her driver which was again her rib cage (very common driver) and not only did it help her upper back pain but it also took away her pain in her kidneys when she drank.

And finally, a client I had who suffered from chronic pain that no one could get better when I corrected his driver of his left foot due to an old ankle sprain that he never properly rehabbed before, it actually helped take his shoulder pain away. Best way to think about this is your spine and ribcage is like a Jenga set, your pelvis is the table the Jenga set is on, and your feet are the table legs. So when we corrected his left foot this balanced his pelvis, his spine and his ribcage, and because your shoulder sits on your ribcage, this returned his shoulder to the right position and allowed his rotator cuff in his shoulder to fully heal.

See everything is connected.

To me this is an absolute game-changer.

Especially for those of you who have chronic injuries that never seem to fully heal, or you seem to have injuries all over your body, or you are just ready to get to the root cause of all your problems in life to fully heal your mind, body & life on all levels 🙂

Many blessings,