Embrace Flexibility, Strength & Inner Peace Every Week

Join our Yoga, Mobility, Pilates & Strength Class & immerse yourself in ancient techniques designed to release life’s burdens & stress. Discover the interconnectedness of mind, body, & soul, & understand the significance of holistic health in achieving your dream life.

Led by experienced Physiotherapists, tailored to meet your unique body needs. Experience a blend of personal guidance & group motivation, ensuring you achieve your fitness & wellness goals.


Release & Realign

Understand that our physical tensions and limitations often mirror our mental & emotional states. By addressing these “issues in the tissues,” you pave the way for holistic wellness.

Mind-Body Connection

Years of mental stress & worries manifest as physical knots and traumas. It’s essential to address these energetic blocks to achieve a state of complete well-being.

Journey to Freedom

Engage in practices that help you shed the weight of past traumas, both from childhood & adulthood. Experience the lightness and joy that comes from true inner freedom.

Personalized Clinical Approach

Recognising that every individual is unique, our Physiotherapists ensure that exercises are adapted to suit your specific requirements.

Holistic Healing

Strengthening deep core stabilisers is foundational for overall health, especially post-injury. Proper training ensures these muscles function optimally, promoting balance and preventing future injuries.

Rehabilitative Focus

Beyond immediate relief, it’s crucial to retrain the body’s motor control system & correct old movement patterns to prevent recurring pain & injuries.

Achieve Your Goals

Whether it’s living pain-free, weight loss, muscle building, or sculpting your dream physique, our classes are designed to help you realize your aspirations in a supportive environment.


  • Single Session: $44 for a 60-minute group class
  • Value Package: Get 10 group classes for just $333 (Only $33.30 per class)
  • ⁠World Peace Charity: 10% of all investments will go to our World Peace Charity to solve all the worlds problems.

Book your spot today & embark on a transformative journey towards flexibility and inner peace in the heart of Sydney, at Holistic Health Awakened.