Group Meditation, Tai Chi, Breathwork & Mantra Class

Discover Holistic Healing Every Tuesday at 7PM in Sydney

Join our transformative Group Meditation and Breathwork class, a harmonious blend of Divine Channeling, Shamanic DMT Breathwork, Samvahan Energy Healing, & Crystal Light Bed Therapy. Engage with a community of like-minded souls in a 60-minute session designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, & spirit.


Holistic Healing

Dive deep into practices that promote happiness, inner peace, & a balanced life. Overcome blocks, enhance your well-being, & align with your true divine self.

Channeling Insights:

Connect with your inner child, higher self, spiritual guides, & more. Receive guidance to elevate your life’s journey & embrace your spiritual mission.

Dhamma Healing Technique™:

Experience a unique healing method, drawing from enlightened masters’ teachings. This technique aligns the body physically & spiritually, clearing energy blocks and fostering deep healing.

Shamanic DMT Breathwork:

Explore a transformative breathwork technique offering profound insights & a glimpse of enlightenment.

Crystal Light Bed Therapy:

Conclude with an advanced healing session, leveraging ancient galactic technology to facilitate psychic surgery & energy realignment.


  • Single Session: $44 for a 60-minute group class
  • ⁠World Peace Charity: 10% of all investments will go to our World Peace Charity to solve all the worlds problems.
  • Value Package: Get 10 group classes for just $333 (Only $33.30 per class)

Book your spot today & embark on a holistic journey in the heart of Sydney, at Holistic Health Awakened