12 Month Total Life Transformation Mastermind

12 Month Total Life Transformation Mastermind

Get ready to find your happiness, love, inner peace, dream life, divine union & true divine self .

Welcome to the Path of Dhamma™ which is Sam The Happiness Man’s life’s work and is a combination of everything that he has to offer.

Sam is a trained Life Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Divine Channeler, Samvahan Energy Healer, Crystal Light Bed Therapist, Breath Work Facilitator, Soulmate Mentor, ConnectTherapy™ Physiotherapist, Dry Needler (Western Acupuncture), Energy Massager, Tai Chi Guide, Yoga Instructor, Pilates & Strength Trainer.

What You’ll Achieve

  • Enhanced happiness & well-being.
  • Improved health & vitality.
  • Stronger relationships & connections.
  • Business growth & financial stability.
  • Mastery over your desired lifestyle.
  • Plus so much more


  • 24 Fortnightly Personal Sessions: 1-1 90-minute sessions with Sam covering Divine Channeling, Life Coaching, Energy HealingHolistic Physiotherapy, or Therapeutic Massage.
  • 24/7 Coaching & Support: Get access to Sam The Happiness Man privately online whenever a problem arises or whenever you need support which will allow you to truly accelerate your life in all areas.
  • 24 Fortnightly Group Classes: Select from Meditation, Tai Chi, Breathwork & Mantra Classes or Yoga, Mobility, Pilates & Strength Classes.
  • Course Access: 12-month entry to The Path of Dhamma™ Life Mastery™ & Meditation Mastery™. Learn the 8 Pillars of Enlightenment & Manifestation. Address anxiety, stress, and depression to achieve joy & purpose.
  • The Secret Manifesto: Receive over $200,000 spent on learning from the best teachers, masterminds & courses around the world on all topics of life to bring you a simple & profound step by step transformative system called The Path of Dhamma™.

The 8 Pillars of Enlightenment™


How to master your mind through profound meditations learnt from enlightened masters so that you can experience true happiness & peace in life.


How to release stuck energy causing emotional overwhelm, physical issues & health conditions. So that you can heal your mind, body & soul energetically giving you boundless youthful energy.


How to sleep effortlessly & wake up fully refreshed ready to glide through your day with ease. Helping you to heal & to be in a continuous flow state.


The missing link in nutrition allowing you to access the bodies natural healing process through cellular regeneration.


How to build muscle, loose weight & have the body of your dreams. Align, balance & fix your injuries through ConnectTherapy™ Physiotherapy & ancient Tibetan & Kriya Yoga.


How to heal yourself with the power of grounding, sun gazing, & connection to nature. By connecting to the healing frequency of the earth, sun, moon & the universe.


How to create a life where every moment is play, full of your passions & doing what you truly love in life. Giving you a life of time & freedom to fully enjoy your life.


How to find your soul purpose mission here on planet Earth & how to live your true purpose in life giving your life true meaning, fulfilment & service to all as one.

The 8 Pillars of Manifestation™


Experience burst out laughing happiness, always be in a state of inner peace & never get triggered by other people or life so you can be happy 24/7 no matter what.


How to look & feel on top of the world. Where you literally feel like you are high on life as your body is the greatest chemical factory every invented when activated.


How to find your soulmate & have a relationship more incredible than you could ever imagine. How to meet endless soulmate suitors & have mind blowing tantra sex.


How to create a high achieving positive circle of friends, full of laughter, support, where everyone helps each other to grow & evolve on all levels.


How to heal your childhood & ancestral trauma so that you can have a loving relationship with your current family & so you don’t pass down your trauma to your kids.


How to create a 6+ figure spirit led business. How to go high ticket so that you can cut your hours in half, while absolutely loving what you do & helping the world as well.


Heal your money blocks holding you back from the financial abundance that you desire, so that you can live the life that you truly want & create true global change.


How to manifest your dream lifestyle & the life of your wildest dreams. Where you have the perfect work/life balance full of everything I have just mentioned +more!!!


  • 12 Month Total Life Transformation Mastermind – Only $9,999 (Save $5,488)
    • X 24 Fortnightly 1-1 90 Minute Path of Dhamma™ Divine Channeling, Life Coaching & Energy Healing Sessions, Holistic Physiotherapy Sessions or Therapeutic Massage Sessions (Worth $5,328)
    • X 12 Month Access To Sam The Happiness Man for 24/7 Online Coaching & Support (Worth $5,328)
    • X 12 Month Access to The Path of Dhamma™ Life Mastery™ & Meditation Mastery™ Courses (Worth $2,664)
    • X 24 Fortnightly Group Classes of Your Choice From Meditation, Tai Chi, Breathwork & Mantra Classes or Yoga, Mobility, Pilates & Strength Classes (Worth $1,056)
    • The Path of Dhamma™ Manifesto Covering All 16 Pillars of Enlightenment & Manifestation: Meditation, Energy, Sleep, Nutrition, Movement, Nature, Play, Purpose, Happiness, Health, Soulmate, Friends, Family, Business, Finances & Freedom Lifestyle (Worth $1,111)
    • Complete buy in to you totally transforming your life in all areas & finding your happiness, inner peace, dream life & true divine self (Priceless) 
  • ⁠World Peace Charity: 10% of all investments will go to our World Peace Charity to solve all the worlds problems.

If you have any questions or if you would like to request a payment plan then please email: sam@samthehappinessman.com